The Clark’s at Home

Trying to make sense of life and the conundrums it throws at us.

The major events for this month were our 6th Anniversary, 4th Birthday of my God Daughter Anna, the Christening of Nephew/Cousin Oscar and the annual reunion of Hatty’s College course. 

The passing of another year of marriage and all that it brings allows you to reminisce on the time before kids and of building the house. In addition, I realise how lucky I am to have such a great wife in Hatty. We celebrated with a quiet meal at home, as I was picking up Mum from the airport the next day after her trip to Canada. Below is a picture from the GCCCR reunion Mum attended during her visit.

Anna is the youngest, of my close friend Chris from Plumpton College. Chris St Pierre, who married the lovely Mary and has Robbie 6 and Anna 4. On the 7th October it was Anna’s party at Markbeech village hall. I was due to attend but had a bout of food poisoning from the meal the night before so could not attend. Either that or Hatty is trying to get rid of me.

On the 21st the gathering of all the Kenyon clan for the celebration of Oscar and the Baptism into the Catholic Church. The pictures say it all.

The reunion dinner was its usual fun and a chance to catch up on all the goings on of the last few months. Also an excuse the eat and drink too much, not that an excuse is needed, and set the worlds to rights. Unfortunately, the food at the Best Western Hotel was a disgrace. Me and the boys ended up doing a very collegey thing and going for a kebab.

It was good for us to have a night to let our hair down after the events in September and the kids had a weekend away at Granny Pope’s.

You soon realise that life is not about what you have materially but the people that you know and who are your true friends.