The Clark’s at Home

The favourite month for the women of seven High Beeches and the boys get to play with lots of fireworks.

 November starts with the annual fireworks displays that is the chance for the 10 year old boy that still lurks in a 34 year olds body to fulfil such songs as Rocket man, Star man and Undercover of the Night all at once. The other bonus is that as it pleases the children you can get away with this moment of adult adolescence. This year we were more subdued than previous and only had the two displays. The first was a combined Halloween and Fireworks at our friends Vicky and Phillip. (Hatty is Fenella’s God Mother, V&P Eldest, and Vicky is Angus God Mother).

The second fireworks display was at Heather and James on the fourth. With a rather ill James suffering from food poisoning, it was left to me to light up the skies of Hayward Heath. This was not an offer that had to be made twice and even if I say so myself it was the best display that you could see for miles around.

The rest of the month, Anna was being chauffeured too and from birthday parties, apart from her annual play which this year was Noddy and Big Ears on the tenth. The culmination of the party month was with Anna’s own private party with the Grannies on the 28th followed by the Fairy extravaganza for all her friends on Dec 1st.